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We were a financial train wreck.


Within the first couple years of our marriage, we were

  • overwhelmed with debt

  • behind on bills

  • stuck in an adjustable mortgage that lead to a short sale

  • had our water shut-off

  • at times, had a bank account that read -$800

Not what we'd call "financial peace."


We found a way out.


It took time (and learning the hard way), but we found there was another approach we could take with our money. Today, we are debt free (other than our mortgage), have been blessed to purchase another house that we love, have an emergency fund in place, and have our savings and retirement accounts building.


Our finance journey has not always been easy, but it has brought us closer together in our marriage, closer to Christ, and has given us the knowledge we need to stop living paycheck to paycheck.


We are a husband and wife duo who made every financial mistake, and then learned a better way. Now we coach others to discover financial freedom and get beyond the bills. 

Now we show others how
to go beyond the bills.

We guide you every step of the way, helping you gain knowledge and get organized with your finances. We have learned a lot over the years through personal experience, attending a variety of finance classes, reading numerous finance books, and taking an online Finance Coaching course.


As Finance Coaches, our goal is to help guide people with their finances. Some of the areas we are able to walk people through include:

  • how to get debt free

  • how to budget

  • what types of insurances they need

  • what to look for when it comes to retirement accounts

  • what to do if they are facing bankruptcy

  • how to get rid of their credit cards for good

The Finance Organizer

We are also the creators of the Finance Organizer. This Organizer was designed to break-down life’s finances in the most simple way possible. We want people to understand that finances do not have to be overwhelming, that you are able to control them, rather than them controlling you, and we strongly believe that getting organized is the key.


Our hope is that by guiding people with their finances, and helping get them organized, they can begin to focus on their goals and dreams. Life is not meant to be lived waiting for the next paycheck to come. We want people to break-free of this mindset, and start focusing on financial freedom!

Take your first step towards financial freedom today. Contact us here.
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