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Over the years, we have had the privilege of walking    side-by-side with clients as they learned, grew, and found financial freedom. Here are a few of their stories.

"After 10 years, 2 babies, and one home bought, our goals/incomes/lives had shifted dramatically and we decided to refocus. I called on @beyond_the_bills to come over and help me get some new systems in place, and I’m so excited about what Aubrey had to share with me and the goals we are now setting in place! This creative brain of mine needed some iron to sharpen and give order.


One of our greatest desires is to live debt free (mortgage free in that too!) and to be a blessing to others. If you feel like that seems so impossible and far off, I can tell you it’s not. You just may need some outside perspective and guidance, and I couldn’t recommend anyone more than @beyond_the_bills!”


"Aubrey came to my home and spent HOURS with me working with our budget. She was so hands on, knowledgeable and most importantly, she made me COMFORTABLE. She molded to what type of a style I wanted and met our priorities. It was clear her agenda was for nothing other than to HELP our family. And her follow up since then has been tremendous!


I know, without a doubt, she will always be there to answer any questions I have. So thankful for all that she taught me on how to save our money!! Knowing where our money is going and HOW has made all the difference. As it turns out, budgeting has brought us FREEDOM."


“My husband and I recently attended Aubrey and Luke’s Finance Workshop and were amazed at all the useful information we received from it, not only did it help us to take a good hard look into our finances, but really showed us where we are spending our money and how we can start to cut back and start to save.


We also learned new ways to have our money work for us instead of the other way around. They also gave us practical advice to finally get out of debt and live within our means.


We are really excited to be starting this new road to financial freedom, and look forward to attending more classes in the future."


“Go see Beyond the Bills! Go to a group workshop, do a one-on-one (like we did), you will not regret it, I promise! We have never been happier with figuring out our bills and savings since we went to see them! I now see my dream home in my future, and it wouldn’t be possible without the help from them. Do it for yourself and your family… they help figure out how to pay the bills, and still have money for family time!"


"We have done many courses before, but having a live meeting with Aubrey, a person who cares so much about seeing others do well, is awesome. Having her as a coach is the missing piece we didn’t have before."


“I cannot believe the difference this “cash” budget has made in our lives! So much more freedom and peace and seriously… we have more money at the end of the month!!!! Thank you guys for igniting this for us!!”


Make your story a success story.

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