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Finance Workshop + Finance Organizer

Our group workshops are perfect for anyone wanting to get their feet wet and start off with a bit of guidance as they begin their journey through the Finance Organizer.



The Workshop


When you attend, you will receive a Finance Organizer, and we will give you an overview of how to get your finances in order, including, but not limited to, how to become debt free.


These Workshops are offered throughout the year. Your purchase grants you access to any one of the upcoming workshops of your choosing. We will contact you once we receive your order to schedule you into a workshop.


Please keep in mind that because the Workshops include a larger group of people, there is a possibility that we will not get to everyone’s personal questions, but we will try our best.


The areas we can help guide you in include the following:

  • getting debt free
  • budgeting
  • dealing with debt collectors
  • bankruptcy
  • foreclosures
  • student loans
  • estate planning
  • insurances
  • retirement



The Finance Organizer Notebook


We believe that getting organized is a large part of taking control of your finances. This is why we created the Finance Organizer.


Your Finance Organizer comes with the following:

  • a list of the First Steps to take to getting financially organized
  • a list of financial Steps to Achieve
  • a calendar to keep track of your finances
  • a snapshot page where you can view all of your financial needs
  • pages to list all of your bills
  • a page aimed at showing you how to become debt free
  • budget pages designed around how you get paid
    (monthly, bi-monthly/bi-weekly, or weekly)
  • a page to keep your bank account balanced
  • a company information page
  • pages that provide quick facts for each of life's financial needs


You will also receive a password that unlocks the Resources page on our website. This Resources page offers:

  • step-by-step videos that will walk you through every section of your Organizer
  • an area where you can download additional pages for your Organizer when needed, free of charge


Finance Workshop + Finance Organizer

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